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Our vision for sustainable development


At Oxford Land Consultants we strive to deliver sustainable and responsible developments and we achieve our goals through careful consideration at the early planning and design stage.

The transition to sustainable development is constantly and rapidly evolving and together with our delivery partners, we monitor and make the changes to deliver projects our children can be proud of.


Some of the innovative solution we will include in our projects are:

Zero Carbon

No carbon emissions are being produced

Renewable Energy Technology

Produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels

Solar Photo Voltaic Panels

Clean and green energy source, cutting carbon footprint and energy bills

Ecology Enhancements

Helps wildlife and habitants to prosper

Rainwater Harvesting

Improves the quality of groundwater and reduces your water bill

Modular Construction using prefabricated components:


Increases the energy efficiency of a building

Passive Design

Up to 90% more energy efficient than traditional buildings

Solar Panels

Renewable energy source, cutting carbon footprint

Air-source Heat Pumps

Reduces carbon footprint

Natural daylight and sunlight modelling

Reduces energy consumption

Thermal Efficiency & Insulation

Preserves the building by reducing heat movement

Biomass Boilers

Reduces carbon dioxide output compared to traditional boilers

Off Grid Sewage Treatment

Efficient treatment of sewage and wastewater

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